Program PeloLibero 

Sewers and channels design

Purpose Water networks at atmospere pressure design (sewers and channels).

Features Network is described by a directed graph, in which:
  • arcs are the elements of the net,,
  • nodes are the points of junction of two or more element., 

Elements may be:

  • sources (feeds to the net),
  • outputs.
  • branches, 
  • sharp-crested weirs, 
  • flat-crested weirs,
  • hydraulic jumps,
  • pumps.

In detail the program calculates:

  • flow rates of branches and other components,
  • water depths, 
  • weirs heads.
Head losses are calculated according to the must common formulas suggested by technical literature.

Section may have standard shapes (rectangular, trapezoidal, ovoidal,....) or may be defined by user.

Owing to weirs, the branches water depth is not constant (motion permanent and not uniform), program calculates this depth along the branches.
Critical speeds and the type of flow (rapid or tranquil) are also computed.

The program calculates the steady-state behaviour of networks however magliate.
If two or more elements (branches, weirs, pumps .. ) have the same beginning node, the program automatically calculates their flow rates (according to the rest of the network).

Program checks inputs values and verifies the network behaviour. 

Linking to a cartographic system



The program may run in two ways:
  • as a stand alone program,
  • connected to a cartographic system.

In this second point the program only calculates the steady state and save results.

These companies supply cartographic systems including program PeloLibero:

SMD  via Milano, 4 - 20070 Dresano (Mi)
Edison  foro Bonaparte, 31 - 20121 Milano

Network restrictions Program is furnished in two editions: enterprise and light:

Entrprise edition restriction

  • maximum number of nodes                 10000,
  • maximum number of branches            10000,
  • maximum number of sharp crested weirs 200,
  • maximum number of flat crested weirs     200,
  • maximum number of pumps                    200,
  • maximum number of bed steps                200,
  • maximum number of outputs                    200,

Light edition restriction: the maximum number of nodes is  400.

Platforms Windows 95 and those after.


Program PELOLIBERO release 1.2
Steady-state calculation of a water network at atmospheric pressure
(sewers and channels)

The book (56 pages), written with contribution of Enidata (ENI group):
  • describes, in detail, all the equations utilized,
  • explains how to use the program.

Price Enterprise edition
Program PeloLibero + book :   600 euro + 120 (taxes)  = 720 euro.

Light edition
Program PeloLibero + book:    300 euro +  60 (taxes)   = 360 euro.

Download Demo program download

Program description download

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